Motorola making the next Nexus smartphone?

The bombshell of the day in the mobile world is the fact that Motorola could be making the next Nexus smartphone.

Ever since Google bought the company, there have been countless rumors that this may one day happen. However, Google’s recent insistence to keep Moto’s operations separate from ‘the mothership’ (and the Android division in particular) led many to believe that there won’t be a Moto Nexus any time soon – so as to not anger Android’s other OEM partners.

But now Taylor Wimberly, a guy who’s accurately leaked many details about the Moto X, comes and says it outright: “Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X)”. We assume this is accurate, since the guy has been right in the past.


So, what does this mean? First of all, that before the end of the year we’ll see the Motorola brand alongside the Nexus brand on a smartphone. Second, this device will not be based on the recently announced Moto X. So we can assume that it will come with different specs.

A few rumors so far talked about LG getting commissioned by Google to build the next Nexus. After all, it’s the same company that makes the currently-sold Nexus 4. We even heard some speculation that the G2 may be the ‘base’ for the next Nexus, just like its predecessor, the Optimus G, was the base for the Nexus 4. But now it looks like that won’t be the case.

On the surface, this move by Google to have Motorola make the next Nexus makes little sense. In trying to alleviate concerns from the other companies who make Android smartphones, Google may have actually gone so far as to put Motorola at a disadvantage recently – Motorola officials claimed they only saw Android 4.3 code once it got announced by Google. That said, Google was supposed to have an ‘early access’ type program going for its partner OEMs, through which they’d get access to code for new versions of Android in advance so they could get ready to issue updates as soon as possible. But if that program still exists, Motorola wasn’t part of it (yet other companies such as Samsung may have been).

So why go to the trouble of not only not favouring the smartphone maker you own, but actually putting it at a disadvantage compared to its competitors, and then hand it the Nexus contract? Who knows.

However, here’s a crazy idea. What if there won’t be one Nexus smartphone this year, but two? Sure, so far we’ve only had one per year, but anything can change, right? What if we will indeed see a Nexus 5 based on the LG G2, with 5.2-inch screen and all, but also a smaller ‘new’ Nexus 4 made by Motorola?

Think about it. One of Motorola’s recent claims to fame has been managing to put large-ish screens into compact frames, thanks to small bezels. LG’s done the same thing with the G2, but thanks to that device’s screen size, it’s still pretty huge. But the Moto X puts a 4.7-inch touchscreen in a device that’s as wide as the Samsung Galaxy S II, for example – and that only has a 4.3-inch display. Motorola has been in love with the idea of easy one-hand operation, and it hasn’t yet jumped on the 5-inch bandwagon. So maybe it will release a 4.x-inch Nexus 4, and LG will go with the 5-inch plus side of things. Just a thought, really. If this were the case then Google could say “but look, LG’s doing one too!” when asked if it isn’t favoritism that Motorola gets to do a Nexus.

Which brings us to an interesting tidbit from the quote by Taylor Wimberly. He said Motorola will release “a Nexus smartphone”. “A“, not “the“.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • vasras

    Oh god, no. please no.

  • B!

    Motorola has been in love with the idea of easy one-hand operation, and it hasn’t yet jumped on the 5-inch bandwagon.

    So……. who makes the Droid Ultra & droid MAXX?