Nvidia Tegra Tab pictured. Nvidia Tegra 5 tablet coming in 2014. Surface RT 2 will sport Tegra CPU

Since January we’ve known that Nvidia is planning on designing and developing its own tablets and smartphones. This has probably happened because the company is having real issues in finding OEM and ODM customers for its mobile chipsets this year.

A few days ago we even got word that Nvidia may in fact be preparing to sell an Android tablet itself, under its own brand – the TegraNote Premium.

That still may happen, but today another alleged Nvidia tablet has leaked. It’s called the Tegra Tab, and this time we have a couple of pictures too. This device is said to be made by Shenzhen Homecare for Nvidia.

Nvidia Tegra Tab 1 Nvidia Tegra Tab 2

The Tegra Tab will reportedly sport Nvidia’s Tegra 4 CPU, a 7-inch screen, a 5 MP rear camera, a full HDMI port, and a stylus. The tablet may even come in a 3G-capable version, since in one of the images something resembling a SIM card bay can be seen.

Other specs and details about the Nvidia Tegra Tab aren’t available right now, but we’ll bring them to you as soon as they get leaked.

Now this could be Nvidia’s first own-brand tablet, or it could be the first tablet to come out of its effort of making tablets itself, but for partners that will then market and sell them (perhaps Nvidia will let these companies use the Tegra Tab brand). That’s what we heard would happen when we first got wind about the chip maker’s new plans. This Tegra Tab may be what the previously leaked TegraNote ends up being called commercially, in which case it should feature a 1,280×800 touchscreen and run Android 4.2.2 (at least).

Interestingly though, another report claims that Nvidia will release its own high-end tablet in the first quarter of next year (so before the end of March). That will apparently come with the Nvidia Tegra 5 mobile chipset, currently codenamed Logan. The Tegra 5 will come with Kepler-branded graphics, and as such should smoke the competition – at least in terms of raw GPU power.

This tablet will be released in North America as you’d expect, but also in Europe it seems. This is obviously going to be a different device from the 7-inch TegraNote / Tegra Tab, and we expect its touchscreen to measure around 10 inches diagonally.

So it looks like Nvidia has two tablets in the works for the near future: the Tegra 4-based 7-inch TegraNote or Tegra Tab, and another 10″ Tegra 5-based monster coming in 2014.

Finally in Nvidia news, the company’s CEO has confirmed that its chipset will power the next Microsoft Surface RT tablet. This first of all serves as yet another confirmation that Microsoft is indeed working on a new generation of the Surface RT, and second it puts to rest all speculation that Microsoft may have switched CPU suppliers and gone with Qualcomm.

Whether the next Surface RT will manage to be a success unlike its predecessor is still up for debate, of course.

Via MyDrivers, Fudzilla, CNET

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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