iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be released on October 25? Maybe, maybe not

At this point, it’s pretty much clear that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S on September 10, and probably the new, more affordable iPhone 5C alongside it. That info first surfaced from a generally reliable source, and in the meantime it’s been ‘confirmed‘ (as much as a rumor can be) by another outlet that’s usually reliable when it comes to Apple-related information. So everyone’s assuming this is going to be it.

But what about the actual release date for these two new devices? The date on which you’ll be able to go to an Apple store, stand in line for a few hours, and then come out happy with a brand new toy in your hands. So far no one’s ventured any guesses as to what that may be, but now a Greek site claims to have an exclusive on the matter.

Apparently the iPhone 5S (and maybe even the iPhone 5C too) will become available on October 25. That’s… almost exactly one and a half months after the announcement. And that’s… not Apple-like. Not at all.


This is the company that’s gotten us used to releases happening within ten days of an announcement, the company that used to put Nokia (and the many months it took its devices to become reality after an unveiling) to shame. So what’s going on here?

Well, first of all let’s just say it outright. This report could be fake. A small Greek site wants to be famous, so what’s an easier way to achieve that than alleging an exclusive on Apple stuff? Exactly.

On the other hand, the same site claims to have accurately predicted the iPhone 5’s release date last year. And the info about the iPhone 5S is said to come from the same source.

Yet it confirms the September 10 announcement date. So this would be the biggest gap between unveiling and release ever seen for an iPhone. Is that plausible? Maybe, if you consider recent mumblings about the fingerprint sensor cutting initial iPhone 5S production in less than half.

Perhaps Apple is facing some production issues, which is why the new devices will be in stores that late. And the company could want to announce them near IFA so as not to let Samsung’s Galaxy Note III be alone in the spotlight for too long.

Still, this report seems a bit off to us. So take it with double the amount of salt that’s usually required for a rumor, will you?

Via Techmaniacs

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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