Meizu and Xiaomi are fighting a price war in China

In China, Meizu and Xiaomi are among the top dogs in the smartphone space. That’s both in terms of sales, as well as brand recognition and desirability of their devices.

So it’s no small thing when these two companies start waging a price war against each other. That’s exactly what’s been happening lately, and as a consequence the impossible has happened: the already extremely cheap handsets that these two put out have gotten even more affordable.


Meizu started it all, by cutting the prices of its MX2 across the board. The 16 GB model got from 2,299 yuan to 1,999 yuan ($326), the 32 GB from 2,799 yuan to 2,399 yuan ($391), and the 64GB SKU is now being offered for 3,299 yuan ($538). Furthermore, those who own a Meizu M8 can get an additional 400 yuan ($65) discount when they purchase any of the MX2 variations.

Seeing this move, Xiaomi responded. The 32 GB MI2S is now only 2,009 yuan ($328), down from 2,299. The 16 GB model can now be had for just 1,599 yuan ($261), and it was previously 1,999. The Xiaomi M1s is now sold for 1,099 yuan ($179), and the recently unveiled Red Rice has stayed at the amazing price point of 799 yuan ($130).

Whether or not Meizu will immediately respond to Xiaomi’s response remains to be seen of course. But anyway, as both companies are bound to release new flagships in the following months, we expect their current devices to become even cheaper for sure.

Via GizChina

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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