Motorola Droid Ultra, Ultra Maxx and Moto X delayed at Verizon?

When Verizon and Motorola announced the Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx, they said that both new smartphones would be launched on August 20. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

The Droid Ultra and Droid Ultra Maxx can be already pre-ordered at Verizon. But the carrier is now saying they will be shipped “by August 27.” Just a few days ago, it said they’d ship by August 20 (as initially announced). So it looks like there will be a delay in launch (and the reason for this is unknown).

The Droid Ultra costs $199.99 on contract, while the Droid Ultra Maxx can be had for $299.99.

Update: Droid-life has received word from Verizon, which says the two new Droids should be in stores on August 20, despite what the online info suggests.

The cheaper Motorola Droid Ultra Mini ($99.99 on contract) is still set for an August 29 launch – as promised from the beginning.

Verizon Motorola Droid Ultra Maxx delayed

Another new handset that’s possibly delayed by Verizon is the Moto X. While AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile should start selling it on August 23, a newly-leaked screenshot (from Best Buy) suggests that the Moto X will only arrive at Verizon on August 29. Like the Droid Ultra, the Moto X should cost $199.99 on contract.

As for the HTC One (a sign-up page for it is available as of today), Droid-life reports that this may arrive a bit earlier than expected: on August 23. At least that’s (some sort of) good news.

Author: Florin

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