Verizon to launch the LG Enact, Kyocera Hydro Elite, Samsung Convoy 3 and LG Exalt by September 15

While many customers are waiting for Verizon to launch smartphones like the new Motorola Droid Ultra (and Ultra Maxx), Moto X, HTC One, or LG G2, the carrier is also readying the release of a few less well-equipped handsets.

Take the LG Enact for example. It was first spotted last month in some leaked photos that allowed us to see it’s an LTE-ready Android smartphone. What we didn’t know then is that the Enact has a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Android handsets like these are rare lately.

Phone Arena has an image that shows the Enact with its 5-row keyboard out:

LG Enact Verizon QWERTY

The LG Enact will likely run Android Jelly Bean at launch, featuring LG-specific software like QSlide 2.0.

Another upcoming Verizon handset is the Kyocera Hydro Elite. It’s an unusual device for the largest US carrier, since Sprint and its subsidiaries are the ones that generally sell Kyocera smartphones. The Hydro Elite is waterproof, has LTE connectivity, and obviously runs Android (unknown version).

Kyocera Hydro Elite Verizon

(image via @evleaks)

Phone Arena also has images that show the Samsung Convoy 3 and LG Exact. Both are flip phones, with the Convoy 3 being rugged (just like the older Convoy models).

Samsung Convoy 3 Verizon

LG Exalt Verizon

All four new handsets should be released at Verizon by September 15. Pricing details aren’t available yet.

Author: Florin

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