Nokia Lumia 825 in the works with 5.2″ screen, quad-core processor

Nokia is obviously working on new Windows Phones as you read this. And the company has been rumored countless times to go larger with its handsets before the end of this year. This will be helped by the fact that Microsoft is expected to release the GDR3 update to Windows Phone 8, and this will support quad-core processors and Full HD 1080p screens for the first time ever.

Although it may not be Nokia’s famed first phablet, the Lumia 825 is going to be big. This device is said to come with a 5.2-inch touchscreen, yet with ‘just’ 720p HD resolution. That may explain the naming here – the 825 will clearly be a midranger, and not a flagship. As such, the not Full HD display may serve as a cost-cutting measure, or maybe just as a method of differentiating between offerings.

Nokia Lumia 825

A quad-core processor does look likely for the Lumia 825, though. That said, this won’t be a high-end part either. We’re talking about Qualcomm’s midrange Snapdragon 400 here, possibly clocked at 1.2 GHz, and based on ARM’s Cortex-A7 architecture.

This implies that the Lumia 825 may be destined for emerging markets first and foremost, and if that’s the case then we do expect it to feature dual-SIM functionality. Nokia is said to release such a device in October, and that could be the Lumia 825. Of course, this means that Microsoft has to finalize the GDR3 update until then. If it doesn’t, then obviously the Nokia Lumia 825 will get delayed and may only launch in or around December.

There will probably be a high-end 6-inch Nokia Lumia phablet coming too, and perhaps it will manage to arrive on the market before the end of this year as well. We’ll keep you posted.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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