Sprint gets exclusive on the red HTC One, launching tomorrow alongside BOGO deal

When talking about the blue HTC One, the one that’s rumored to be a Verizon exclusive, we usually mentioned the fact that red would have made a lot more sense for that carrier – after all, it is its brand color. But Verizon couldn’t get the red HTC One, because Sprint had already made it an exclusive. And that’s become official today.

Furthermore, the red HTC One will be available at Sprint as soon as tomorrow, which means that the Samsung Ativ S Neo won’t be the only new device launching this Friday. The red HTC One is just a red HTC One, so absolutely nothing has changed in terms of specs – just the hue. The price is going to be the same too – $199.99.


To celebrate this launch (we assume), Sprint has also decided to run a BOGO promotion (which means buy one get one free). This starts tomorrow and will end on August 30. It’s valid for all three colors of the HTC One – silver, black, and now red. It’s simple: you pay for one device, but you actually get two. You’ll need to sign a new two-year contract with the carrier for each handset, keep that in mind. Still, this is a nice offer. Or it would be, if Dell wouldn’t be offering the One for Sprint for just $29.99.

That’s just for new customers, granted, but even if you upgrade you’ll only pay $99.99. That’s effectively the same price as one HTC One would cost you if you took advantage of Sprint’s BOGO offer, but you can get only one from Dell, whereas you have to get two from Sprint.

Of course, Dell doesn’t yet have the red HTC One in stock, so if you absolutely must have that on day one of its availability, then off to Sprint you’ll be by this time tomorrow.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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