AT&T Moto X launching on August 23

Remember that rumor (nay, let’s call it leaked information) that said that the Moto X would launch on August 23 at all carriers, and not just Verizon? Well, at least in AT&T’s case, it turns out it was true.

The oft-leaked, much-anticipated Moto X will be available to buy from AT&T on August 23, which is next Friday and exactly one week from now. You’ll need to pay the already-known sum of $199.99 if you want the 16 GB version of the smartphone, or $50 more than that for doubling the storage space and taking it up to 32 GB.

AT&T Moto X

If you want the black Moto X or the white one, you’ll be able to pop into an AT&T store starting on August 23 and get one. If, however, you want something else, you’ll need to use the online Design Studio and the customized handset you design will be at your doorstep in four days.

As you may know, AT&T has an exclusive on the Moto X Design Studio customization options (at least for a few weeks). This means that while other carriers will launch the phone (and presumably all on August 23 too), only if you get one for AT&T will you be able to customize it to your heart’s content. At first, that is.

Using the Moto X Design Studio you’ll be able to pick colors for the front and back and accent colors for the power key, volume key, and camera ring, or add an engraved short message on the back of the phone, pick wallpapers, or a custom power-on message.

AT&T will let a few lucky souls who have registered for news about the Moto X design one for themselves starting on August 19, and their devices will be shipped to them before the general release.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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