Oppo N1 teased: announcement in September, high-end camera sensor likely

Oppo is going to launch its next flagship smartphone next month, and it will be called N1. This has been teased by the company itself on its official account over on Sina Weibo, which is basically the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Oppo has made a name for itself internationally in recent months, mostly thanks to the Find 5, its currently-selling top of the line Android handset. Whether or not the N1 will be the Find 5’s successor is up for debate, though.

Oppo N1 tease

That’s because we’ve heard that there would be a Find 7 this year, and that apparently was supposed to be the true follow-up to the Find 5. Now obviously, Oppo may have just decided to go with the name N1 instead of Find 7 (which would have been a bit misleading anyway, since its screen size will still be 5″ like the Find 5).

But there’s another option. The Oppo N1 may just be the retail name for the N-lens smartphone we told you about a couple of weeks ago. This phone was supposed to take on the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with a very capable camera of its own.

If the Oppo N1 is in fact the N-lens, or if it’s the Find 7, or if it’s both of those combined – we’ll only know for sure next month. Until then, though, let’s recap what the N-lens was said to bring to the table: a 12 MP sensor with Xenon flash and great low-light performance.

Since Oppo’s been selling the Find 5 in both Europe and North America (alongside China), we expect the N1 (and maybe even the Find 7 if that’s a separate device after all) to be available internationally too. That doesn’t happen often with Chinese smartphones, so it’s cause for celebration really.

Via G 4 Games

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • surethom

    If 5″ then hopefully much slimmer bezels than the ones on the new Sonys. Low light camera & xenon flash this sounds way better than what Sony & samsung has to offer.

    Please release in UK.