Sony Honami might be called Xperia Z1, press renders leaked

Sony is holding a pre-IFA press conference on September 4 in Berlin, and it’s there and then that the company is widely expected to introduce its latest flagship smartphone, the one codenamed Honami. This device has leaked countless times so far, but we’ve never had a solid idea of what it will end up being called once it goes on sale. Some mumblings a while back spoke about it becoming the Xperia i1.

Now though it seems that Xperia Z1 might be what we’ll know the Honami by after September 4. At least that’s what one Twitter user, @doomlord_xda, appears to think. We wouldn’t take this seriously at all if this wasn’t someone ‘old’ over at the well known XDA-Developers forum, and someone who’s provided information about Xperia models in the past.

Even so, we do advise a larger than usual dose of salt for digesting this one, folks. It’s an obvious possibility that this person simply wishes for the Honami to get this name. We’re little over two weeks away from Sony’s big event, and we do expect to hear more about the Honami’s market name before it happens.

Sony Honami press renders back colors

Also in Honami-related news, what you see above are purported press renders showing the back of the smartphone in what we presume are the three launch colors: black, white, and purple. This isn’t surprising, as these three are the exact hues that the Japanese company chose for the Xperia Z too. And with the Z being the Honami’s predecessor, it all makes sense somehow. All but Sony’s love for purple.

The images come from ePrice, a well known Far East avenue for leaks about upcoming mobile devices, so we have no reason to believe these are fake. Back in July we saw a few representations of just the Honami’s front, and these new renders come to complement those rather nicely.

[UPDATE] The Xperia Z1 name has been confirmed via Twitter by @stagueve, an editor for NowhereElse, a French site that’s leaked many mobile-related things over the past few months. So now we’re calling this a real possibility. Yes, the Honami may get called Xperia Z1. Of course, nothing’s set in stone until the official announcement, so stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Stagueve

    Sounds legit because I recently heard roughly the same story ;)

  • Gridlock

    It’s called the i1

  • why

    I hate the big bezels

  • andrew

    I personally doubt Sony naming this new superphone, and it is, the Z1.
    Sony already has a video camera on the market called the Z1. How much confusion will this create for sellers and buyers alike.