Samsung Galaxy Note III won’t get optical image stabilization. Galaxy S5 will, paired with 16 MP cam

During the past year or so, more and more smartphone makers have focused on their devices’ cameras. And one of the traits that’s become prevalent is Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This ensures that pictures come out fine even if the hand with which you’re holding your phone isn’t still.

Back in May we heard a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note III’s camera module would sport OIS, but apparently that won’t be happening after all. According to reports coming in from South Korea, the Galaxy Note III will not have OIS because of issues with the production of such modules. Ironically, it’s the Galaxy Note III’s predicted success in terms of sales that is going to prevent it from coming with this much sought-after feature. Samsung simply couldn’t secure as many OIS modules from its suppliers as it needed. So the company really has no choice but to ship the Note III without OIS.

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So when will a flagship Samsung smartphone have this feature built-in? Not before March 2014, it seems. The Samsung Galaxy S5 may in fact have OIS paired with a 16 MP camera sensor. Such high-res optics are still rare in the mobile world, which is now stabilizing at around 13 MP for its higher end devices.

Early next year, the companies responsible for making the OIS modules that Samsung needs are said to dramatically increase their production levels, so the Galaxy S5 shouldn’t have to deal with a similar situation as the Note III.

And yes, 16 MP cameras will probably be the norm for top of the line handsets in 2014. Get used to that prospect.

Via ETNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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