Nexus 4 now just $199. Nexus 7 out in more countries. Nexus 7 LTE lands in the UK on September 13

Well, this is something. Google has just cut the price of its Nexus 4 smartphone made by LG even more. The handset was extremely affordable ever since it got launched last year, with a $299 base price for the 8 GB model – sans contract. Now though, that’s been further slashed by $100.

So today the cheapest Nexus 4 without any contract commitment costs exactly as much as every high-end smartphone offered by the US carriers with a two-year contract: $199.


This is for the 8 GB unit, of course. If you want double that capacity you’ll need to shell out $249 (also down $100 from $349). This price cut makes the already affordable Nexus 4 an incredible value for money. Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of current high-end flagships, but seriously – $199?

And let’s not forget, you’re getting a 4.7-inch 1,280×768 touchscreen, a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor that was last year’s best, an 8 MP rear camera with LED flash, and all the usual connectivity options – sans LTE, though. And that is the biggest downside to the Nexus 4. Well, that, the battery life, and the back being made out of glass. But if you can live with these things and aren’t obsessed about the absolute latest hardware specs, this is a steal. Especially as you’ll get Android software updates first, and direct from Google.

If you’re interested in picking up a Nexus 4, your local Google Play Store will provide you with one. The new prices are £159 and £199 in the UK, and €199 and €249 in continental Europe.

If you bought your Nexus 4 on or after August 12, you’re eligible for a refund of the price difference between then and now. To ask for that, just head over here.

Also in Nexus-related news, Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet that was unveiled last month is now out in more countries. These are the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan. For the UK at least, this is hardly surprising as not one but two separate leaks claimed this to be the big day.

The 16 GB Nexus 7 can be yours for £199 in the UK, while in the other European countries it’s priced at €229. The 32 GB SKU costs £239 in the UK, and €269 elsewhere. Once again, your local Play Store should be of assistance in case you live in one of these countries and want to get your mitts on this device.

The LTE-enabled version of the new Nexus 7 also got a price for the UK. Even though it’s not available just yet, it will be on September 13, exclusively from O2. The operator will give you one on a Pay&Go plan for £319.99. Pre-orders will start tomorrow at this page, and those who take the plunge will receive a free premium case worth £29.99.

Nexus 7 LTE O2 UK

O2 will also be offering the 32 GB Wi-Fi only version of the tablet, but oddly for £249.99, which is £10 more than the Google Play price.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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