Apple confirms September 10th iPhone launch, schedules separate event for Sept. 11th in China

We are just 6 days away from probably the most anticipated company announcement of the year. The iPhone launch

Apple has finally confirmed the long rumored September 10th event and sent out the media invites.

We are pretty sure about one Apple product that’s coming next Tuesday. It’s iPhone 5S. The rest, it’s not so clear. There may or may not a new iPad and/or iPad mini. There may or may not be the cheaper iPhone 5C. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

What’s interesting and different about the iPhone launch this year, is that Apple has scheduled a separate media for China for the next day – September 11th.

Apple Sept 11 China

Many Apple watchers believe that cheaper iPhone 5C might be targeted for China first. So separate, country exclusive launch over there might be for this device, while Tuesday’s U.S. media gathering focuses on iPhone 5S.

With such an early China launch Apple is breaking with the tradition of deferring new iPhone shipments to China until December/January, and the start of Chinese New Year holiday shopping season.  With its recent troubles in the world’s biggest smartphone market, change in tactics there, is long overdue.

Unfortunately, at this time, it seems that Chinese iPhone will launch with the same old two carrier partners – China Unicom and Telecom. China Mobile partnership  still looks like a work in progress.

Apple has been trying to get an iPhone on the worlds biggest carrier for years, without much success. And although there were rumors about some progress in the negotiations, it doesn’t seem that they have reached the deal just yet.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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