China Telecom accidentally outs iPhone 5S/5C pre-order page mock-up

(Update 2: Weibo tweet and pre-order page have now been deleted. The page placeholder directs all inquiries to China Telecom Beijing. Also Sina Tech and TechWeb China confirm that the tweet came from the official China Telecom account. So it looks like the page was indeed legit, and made public by accident)

This is really weird. But it seems that someone at China Telecom may have gotten too happy about getting to launch iPhone  5C so early this year, and decided to announce the pre-orders of the device without waiting for the official launch event.

Or this may be some sort of elaborate hoax.

The invitation to pre-order iPhone 5S/5C has been posted on a Weibo, and seems to belong to China Telecom Beijing Service. The account has 1.3 million fans, so it appears to be legit. On the other hand – it is not certified, and that’s a big red flag.

The post which invites to preorder iPhone 5S/5C has a link to the sign-up page with a lot of high quality iPhone 5C pics.

However, the page is a mixture of Chinese and English labels, full of mistakes and doesn’t have a real professional look. What’s worse – the page is not hosted on a main China Telecom website. Instead of sitting on the official “”, the page is located on some random  “” domain. And that looks real fishy.

On the other hand, a quick WhoIs look-up of that strange domain, shows that it was registered this March to the same China Telecom Corporation Limited Beijing Branch. Again, looks kinda legit.

So what do you make of it? A legit China Telecom iPhone 5C page, or some sort of elaborate hoax?

Pretty hard to figure out, especially if you don’t speak Chinese.

Could be a hoax, but to me it looks more like some sort of work in progress, a test website for China Telecom, with hired designers building it for the announcement next week. It was never meant to to be made public, and should have been password protected from prying eyes. But then something happened, and here we are.

Whatever the truth, we can at least enjoy a bunch of new beautiful iPhone 5C pics:

iPhone 5C China Telecom


Full sized screencap is here.

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