Nokia Lumia 1520 (Bandit) appears in official image. AT&T Lumia 1020 now costs $199.99

Initially known as Nokia Bandit, Nokia’s first phablet will probably be marketed as the Lumia 1520 – at least that’s what current rumors are leading us to believe.

Whatever its final name turns out to be, the device has appeared in an official-looking image today. If this is legit – and it probably is, as it’s been revealed by EVleaks – the 1520 doesn’t have a surprising design, basically being a larger Lumia.

Feature-wise, the 1520 reportedly offers a 6 inch Full HD screen, polycarbonate body, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 20MP rear camera (the sensor seen in the leaked image seems large enough), and Windows Phone 8 GDR3. It should be the first WP handset to come with a quad-core CPU and Full HD display.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Bandit leaked

The Lumia 1520 might be officially unveiled by Nokia in the second half of September. Like most other Lumia devices, the phablet should be available in several color versions.

In related news, AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 1020 now costs only $199.99 on contract – down from $299.99 (the price at launch).

Nokia Lumia 1020 ATT 199

This may have something to do with the upcoming arrival of the Lumia 1520 – since it’s said that the phablet is already in testing at AT&T. Of course, we’d better wait for the 1520 to be officially announced, and then make assumptions about its availability in the US.

Author: Florin

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