Samsung Galaxy Note sales grew 180%, with 28 million units shipped in the last 12 months.

When Samsung announced their first Galaxy Note back in 2011, everyone laughed at it. Next to the gold standard of the day- 3.5” iPhone, 5.5” Note looked ridiculously large.

But it turned out to be a surprising hit. Samsung sold 10 million of them in the first year. And, it turns out, Galaxy Note II is even a bigger hit. During the second year Galaxy Note sales grew almost 280%, with Samsung selling 28 million units between mid August 2012 and beginning of September 2013, for a total of 38 million phablets shipped since initial launch.

This number was revealed by Samsung Electronics CEO JK Shin CEO, in a chat with the media prior to Galaxy Note 3 launch at IFA.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

JK Shin also said he expects to sell over 10 million Note 3s, but didn’t give the time frame.  Considering success of its predecessors, the 10M number sounds way too low, unless Shin meant Note 3 sales in 2013. If we are talking about the full product life cycle, sales upwards of 20 million seem much more likely.

And I wonder what will happen to the sales of its companion – Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Some say its ridiculous and ugly, but they said the same about the first Note. The only problem is Gear’s price. At $300, it is way too expensive to sell to anyone but the most hard core enthusiasts with money to spare. And, looking at specs – Galaxy Gear should cost something like $50 to build. I hope Samsung will promptly react to lack of the initial Gear sales, and will start cutting prices until this thing starts to move.

Via: AndroidBeat

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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