Windows Phone GDR3 leak, HTC Harmony and Nokia Lumia 1520 live pictures galore

What an interestingly rich weekend of Windows Phone leaks this was.

Screenshots of the new features in Windows Phone GDR3  release,  the news about HTC Harmony – Windows Phone GDR3 running version of One, and live Nokia Lumia 1520 pictures galore.

Let’s start with Lumia 1520.

The Verge forum member got his hands on Nokia phablet, made a lot of pics and decided to share it with us.

Nokia Lumia 1520 live 1

Nokia Lumia 1520 live 2

Nokia Lumia 1520 live 3

Nokia Lumia 1520 is a 6” Full HD device equipped with Qualcomm 800 CPU and 20 megapixel PureView camera.

About the GDR3 release.

WP Central forum member bought Lumia 920 on Craigslist and found that it came with Nokia specific Windows Phone GDR3 Bitter Sweet Shimmer firmware release.

Windows Phone GDR3

The new GDR3 features include:

  • Improved multi-tasking window  with the ability to close apps
  • Screen orientation lock
  • Driver Mode
  • Silent NFC (no confirmation message)
  • Custom sounds for text, voice mail, e-mail, and reminders
  • Restore over Wi-Fi when you reset your phone
  • Big improvements to Bluetooth.

Here’s the video of GDR3 update:

And finally, in a post about this update, The Verge’s Tom Warren mentions that it will debut later this year, on Lumia 1520 and HTC Harmony device. Harmony, most likely, is a Windows Phone version of HTC One flagship.

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