China Mobile’s iPhone 5S with TD-LTE support may already have passed through MIIT certification

According to sources inside Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Apple’s iPhone 5S may have already passed TD-LTE certification process.

As China Mobile prepares for the commercial launch  of its TD-LTE 4G network later this year, it needs to have smartphones that will be able to use it. And those smartphones have to pass the certification process at Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (similar to FCC approval in the U.S). The process may take at least two months.

Last week China Mobile announced that  MIIT issued approval for 4 smartphones with TD-LTE support. These were: Samsung Galaxy Note II ,  Sony Xperia SP, Huawei Ascend D2 and  ZTE Grand Memo U-815.

But, according to the sources inside MIIT, there was also the fifth phone that received permission to use China Mobile’s TD-LTE network – iPhone 5S. However, at Apple’s request, the information about it was withheld from official announcement.

iPhone 5S Gold

So does this mean that China Mobile’s TD-LTE iPhone 5S will launch tomorrow , together with China Telecom and Unicom devices?

Certainly not. China Mobile may have 5 smartphones with TD-LTE support ready to go tomorrow, but they still have to get the approval from MIIT to commercially light up its 4G network. And that license, initially scheduled for October 1st, has been delayed until November.

China Mobile, most likely, will announce iPhone 5S around that time.


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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