Motorola is now shipping 100K Moto X smartphones a week

Motorola is now shipping 100 000 Moto X smartphones a week, according to Reuters.

So what does that number tells us about the first true Google Motorola device? Is it success or a failure?


In the world where flagships from Samsung and Apple sell in millions every week, 100K is a really modest achievement. And those Moto X shipment numbers are pre new iPhone. We’ll have to see how they hold up when iPhone 5C/S become available next week.

Moto X

On the other hand, Samsung, Apple and others ship their devices globally. While Google basically gutted Motorola’s worldwide distribution network and sales force, and are now rebuilding it from scratch. 100K units a week brings Moto X sales to ~1.2 million a quarter. Which is a respectable result for what is basically a high priced, new to consumer device, selling in only one market.

It’s not an especially flattering comparison, but Motorola with Moto X is doing way better than anything Nokia could achieve in U.S. with its Lumia Windows Phones, after years of trying.

So, on balance, I’d say it’s a good start.

And whether it’s a success or a failure? It is too early to tell. Moto X is just Google’s first building block in mobile hardware game. It has some interesting ideas, but we still don’t have a clue of what their real strategy is here.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • B!

    Nice job Moto. Drop the contract price by $100 & the shipment amount will probably double.