Lumia 1520 launch on Sept. 26th, Huawei W3, WP 8.1 Notification Center and Grouped Folders Live Tiles

Another round of Windows Phone rumors is here. This time we have the launch date for Nokia’s Lumia 1520  6” phablet, some info about Huawei’s W3 smartphone and a couple of live pics of Windows Phone 8.1 release.

Let’s start with Nokia. According to @evleaks, they will announce Lumia  1520 on September 26th. Since the new Lumia phablet has to come with GDR3 release to be able to support 1080p displays, this WP8 upgrade should be announced on the same day. And, with GDR3 out in public, HTC’s Harmony device – One styled Windows Phone, shouldn’t be too far away, either.

GDR3 update is good and well, but what we are really waiting for- is Windows Phone 8.1, due out early next year. There are couple of live pics (via WMPoweruser) of the new WP version floating around the nets. One showing the notification center icon, and another with Grouping Folders Live Tile:

Windows Phone 81 Notification center group folders

Getting back to hardware. When Microsoft announced acquisition of Nokia’s mobile devices business, we wondered how other Windows Phone OEMs will react? Well, at least one of them – Huawei, is staying put.

According to WPDang, Huawei is working its next Windows Phone,  called W3, and should launch it early January, at CES.

Huawei W3

Huawei W3 will be a mid-range device with metal chassis and specs similar to Lumia 925. W3 looks can be described as a cross between Huawei D2 and P6.

All-in-all, Huawei  W3 Windows Phone sounds like it could be a pretty interesting device, and certainly a step-up from W1 and W2.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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    The Huawei devices are not bad. Too bad about the negative press about spying that Huawei gets.