Sony explains how it managed to make the Xperia Z Ultra so thin

Currently available only in Asia and Europe, the Xperia Z Ultra is not just one of Sony’s most interesting Android devices, but also one of the most interesting smartphone-tablet hybrids ever.

The Z Ultra has a large 6.44 inch Full HD display, it is waterproof, and it’s only 6.5mm thin – this making it the thinnest Full HD handset on the market.

Sony has put together an infographic to explain how it managed to make the device so thin. The size of the display panel had a major role in this – Sony made it so large because it needed to have adequate space on the handset’s main board for all the custom components, and also because the device’s 3,000 mAh battery needed to be extremely thin (it’s only 3mm). A “copper sheet about the same size as a human hair” was used (between the main board and the display) to regulate temperature.

You can see the infographic, plus additional details, here at Sony.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra thinness expalined

At the moment, there’s no word if the Xperia Z Ultra will be officially sold in the US. A T-Mobile-friendly version of the device was seen at the FCC not long ago – but this isn’t a confirmation that the fourth largest US carrier will launch it.

In Canada, the Xperia Z Ultra is expected to debut in October.

Author: Florin

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