Yulong Coolpad is working on a smartwatch, too. Should launch CWatch in a few weeks

Smart watches able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth have been around for several years now, though very few people were interested in them.

But ever since the first rumor that Apple is working on a watch of its own appeared, they’ve become a really hot item. Now everyone is working on one, trying to figure out what it needs to do to become a truly needed item.

Hot Chinese smartphone maker Yulong Coolpad plans to get into a smartwatch game without waiting for Apple, too. And, according to some of its executives who took to Weibo microblogging service to drop some hints, they are about ready to release their own Coolpad CWatch in a few weeks.

Coolpad CWatch

Coolpad smartphone will come with 1.2” 120x120px display, and in addition to displaying time, it will tether to your smartphone to show missed/incoming calls, SMS, calendar reminders, health and sports management app notifications via Push messaging. It will not support live call features  due to the battery constraints.

From the looks of it, Coolpad should be a pretty basic smart watch, with nothing much going for it, maybe except price.

With all the hype around smart watches these days, I wonder whether it is a genuine new trend, or one of these hot topics that come and go every few years? And whether anyone will figure this one out before Apple is ready to unveil its iWatch, hopefully next year. Samsung seems to be on the right path with its Galaxy Gear, but they still have ways to go before they make Gear into something more than niche/enthusiast device.

Smart watches today are like smartphones back in 2006, before iPhone came along. Kinda hot, kinda cool and sort of useful, but in need of radical re-think to break into mass market.

Via: C114.net

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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