Asus will be making the next Nexus 10 after all?

An intriguing possibility showed up early last month – that Asus would be making the next Nexus 10 tablet. Intriguing because just a few weeks prior to that Google’s VP Sundar Pichai was quoted as saying that Samsung would be chosen for this task. It’s now becoming more and more clear that Pichai was misquoted back then.

What you see in the image below is a purported representation of a PCWorld inventory screen. And the word Asus is in there twice, so, if this is real, there’s little doubt now – Google has chosen the Taiwanese company for this year’s Nexus 10. Google and Asus have released two smaller Nexus 7 tablets so far, so it’s pretty clear that they’re getting along rather nicely.

Asus Nexus 10 inventory leak

This image could be fake, of course. But the source, a Twitter account going by @Rage06, has apparently leaked pricing and availability info for the LTE Nexus 7 last year, and accurately so (the retailer targeted then was PCWorld, as it is now, so we think this is an employee doing the leaking).

As you can see, in the UK the new Nexus 10 is set to retail for £349.99. Assuming this is the 16 GB version we’re talking about, it is a bit more expensive than the currently sold Nexus 10 (which goes for £319.99). The new Nexus 7 from this year is also more expensive than the Nexus 7 from 2012, so is this a new trend in the Nexus world? If it’s going to be more expensive, at least let’s hope that the new Nexus 10 will come with some killer hardware innards.

Via Android Police

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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