Oppo N1 will probably be the first CyanogenMod smartphone

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has been teasing the N1, its ‘next big thing’, for a few weeks now. The grand unveiling is set to take place on September 23, which is this coming Monday. So far though, there have been no hints that there would be anything particularly different about the software employed by this model.

Now, though, that changes. Oppo has released a new teaser video, and this one stars none other than Steve Kondik a.k.a Cyanogen himself. He proudly mentions that he’s excited to attend the Oppo event in Beijing, and that the two companies have “exciting news ahead”. What could this mean?

Well, yesterday Steve announced that CyanogenMod is a company now, one looking to ship its variation of Android on a handset made by a hardware partner. More details on that phone were supposedly coming next week. Oppo is announcing the N1 next week. In the details for the YouTube video you can see above, an Oppo employee wrote “Oppo + CyanogenMod = ?”.

Steve Kondik

So there’s a big chance that the first smartphone to ship with CyanogenMod preinstalled will be the Oppo N1. On the other hand, Oppo has so far made an impact in the Android software modding community by helping developers port their ROMs to its devices (especially the Find 5), CyanogenMod included. And the company even provided an ‘official’ way to get CM on your Find 5. So maybe this is going to be nothing more than a continuation of Oppo’s efforts to make devs feel good, and have its devices in mind. Maybe.

Obviously the much bigger possibility is that the N1 will be the first CyanogenMod device, and it will be intriguing that’s for sure. Rumored specs include a 5.9-inch screen and a top notch camera. As the event is in just three days, start counting down, will you?

By the way, would you have liked HTC to make the first CM phone? Did you actually think that HTC was going to?

Via SmartDroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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