Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display said to be coming in October, cheaper version in November

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was officially unveiled earlier this month. Strangely though, the rumors and ‘leaks’ about it haven’t stopped. This has to be the first time in history when we’re getting rumors and leaked reports about a device even after its launch.

Well, apparently there are two more versions of the Galaxy Note 3 on the way, according to two different reports. First off, the ‘flexible display‘ rumor just won’t die. Not after it’s been proven wrong so many times in the past. Don’t get me wrong, this will happen at some point – it’s inevitable. But will it be featured in a Note 3 variation coming, get this, next month?


Maybe, but probably not. After all, why would Samsung not boast something like that (a flexible display version of the Note 3) during the announcement in Berlin on September 4? Especially if the launch of this variation is to happen in October. It definitely wouldn’t have been too early to unveil it at the beginning of this month, and Samsung would have surely stolen the show at IFA with such a device.

But no, for some reason the Korean company didn’t want the spotlight on its product, so it kept quiet about this version of the Note 3. Yet it is going to be released sometime in October, while being produced in extremely limited quantities. It will sport a flexible OLED screen, and that’s everything we’ve been told about it. Let’s also reiterate that while the screen will be bent during the production process, the phone itself won’t be bendable or flexible in any way. Just keep that in mind before you tout this as the next best thing since sliced bread.

Could Samsung do a limited production run of such a Note 3? Sure, the company’s been known to get bold with experiments from time to time. It’s still a bit odd that it didn’t say anything about this three weeks ago.

Anyway, moving on. So October will be the month of the flexible display-touting Note 3, but what about November? Well, that’s when a more affordable version of the phablet will be showing up, it seems.

This will cost around 30% less than the original, which is a welcome price cut given that the Galaxy Note 3 is anything but cheap. The cut will be possible thanks to using an LCD screen instead of AMOLED, a cheaper type of touch sensor for the screen, and a lower-res 8 MP camera instead of the 13 MP unit seen in the vanilla Note 3.

This was apparently going to be shown at Samsung’s Unpacked event in Berlin, but the company changed its mind at the last minute because it wanted to sell as many ‘original’ Note 3s as possible before unveiling the cheaper model. This makes sense from a cynical business’ point of view, though, so it may just be real.

The cheaper Note 3 will obviously be targeted mainly at ‘price-sensitive’ consumers in emerging markets, who can’t afford the ‘full price’ device but would go for something that’s exactly as big yet more affordable.

Via Chosun and ET News

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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