MediaTek MT6592 “true octa-core” CPU gets photographed in the wild

So far, Samsung’s chip division has been the only one to put out a mobile eight-core CPU. However, that Exynos is more like two quad-core CPUs stacked together, and not a ‘true’ octa-core solution. At the moment, not all eight cores can be active at once. Furthermore, as they’re two stacks of four cores, they’re not all identical – four are high-performing, but need a lot of energy to function, while four are lower-performing, but also get a lot more battery life.

MediaTek though is working on a ‘true’ eight-core mobile processor. The Taiwanese chip designer has announced this a while ago. The chip will be called MT6592, it will be clocked at up to 2 GHz, will use quad-core Mali graphics, and today we get the first ever live image depicting it.

MediaTek MT6592

This seems to come courtesy of Mlais, a Chinese maker of Android-based clones of mobile devices from more well-known brands. The picture above shows a smartphone motherboard, complete with the MT6592V processor on it. The ‘V’ in there might stand for Developer Edition or something like that.

The MT6592 may be a ‘true’ eight-core solution, with all cores able of being active at the same time, but all of these cores rely on ARM’s Cortex-A7 architecture. That’s the same one that Samsung’s Exynos Octa uses for its four low-performance, low-power cores. So MediaTek’s new chipset isn’t expected to really break any performance records (at least compared to the Snapdragon 800s and Tegra 4s of the world), but it may have an upper hand in power consumption compared to even some of its quad-core rivals. That’s because the A7s are designed to be power efficient first and foremost. And with eight of these cores, performance should at least be decent for most tasks.

MediaTek will score some important PR points if it does in fact manage to deliver the world’s first true octa-core mobile CPU. It may finally be the moment when analysts in ‘developed markets’ start taking this company seriously.

As for the first devices that will have the MT6592 at their core, there are no details yet. We are hoping to see some of them this year, though.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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