Samsung’s and LG’s first smartphones with flexible displays to debut in October?

Last week, Samsung has reportedly confirmed the upcoming launch of a Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3 that would feature a flexible display. Now, another report from Korea has it that Samsung is ready to mass-produce OLED flexible display for a smartphone that should be introduced in October (the month starting tomorrow).

However, The Korea Herald suggests that Samsung will produce 5.5 inch flexible OLED panels, while the current Note 3 model has a 5.7 inch display. Maybe the limited edition Note 3 will be slightly smaller? Or maybe we will see a completely new Galaxy handset? We can’t know for sure at the moment.

According to the Korean publication, which quotes unnamed industry sources, this year Samsung plans to manufacture 1.5 million flexible panels per month.

LG is ready to mass-produce flexible displays, too, but it looks like it can currently make only about 35,000 units monthly. Even so, the company also intends to launch a mysterious smartphone (almost certainly running Android) featuring the new display in October.

Thanks to the flexible display they will use, Samsung’s and LG’s upcoming handsets “are said to be plastic-based, light and unbreakable.”

The first-generation of flexible displays, like the ones about to be manufactured by the two Korean giants, won’t be bendable – at least not after being integrated into smartphones.

Still, the future will bring bendable OLED displays, according to EE Times, which recently spoke to UCLA researchers. The researchers have demonstrated two small prototype displays that are “bendable, foldable, and stretchable while operating, surviving over 1,000 trials of stretching 30 percent larger than their original shape and size.” More technical details are available here.

Flexible  OLED display UCLA

There is still no word on when we can expect to see commercial devices with screens that can be stretched or blended, but it probably won’t be long now. That Nokia Morph concept, first showcased back in 2008, might become reality sooner than we think.

Author: Florin

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