LG Z will be its first flexible display phone. Samsung will launch curved screen Galaxy Note 3 next week

The next frontier in smartphone innovation seems to be flexible displays. And the two leading Android OEMs at this point – Samsung and LG – are now engaged in a heated race to be the first to market with a flexible display device. They do not have a final  product to show us just yet, so they are trying to beat each other with hints about it.

Last week Samsung officially confirmed the existence of their curved display smartphone, most likely a limited edition Galaxy Note 3 Active, and said they will launch it in October. Today,  in a meeting with reporters to discuss third quarter results, Samsung Electronics CEO clarified that they will announce the new phone as soon as next week.

LG also really wants us to know that they are almost ready to come out with their own flex display equipped smartphone. And, to keep the excitement going, they have leaked some details about it to ZD Net. The new LG smartphone will have concave curved display, and will be called either Z (as in new Z series, emphasizing the “Z” dimension/axis) or Z1. (I wonder what Sony thinks about that)

LG G2 curved

This is just a curved render of LG G2

LG Z is already in production and will launch later this month.

Neither Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active, nor LG Z phone will be flexible per se at the moment. Other components like batteries and circuit-boards still have to catch up. Instead the OEMs will use display flex properties to further reduce bezels and make the screens unbreakable, creating much more durable devices.

Both handsets will ship in a very limited quantities, because the neither company can produce felxible OLEDs in serious mass-market quantities yet.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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