G Flex may be the name of LG’s first curved display phone. Announcement now scheduled for November

It seems that Samsung will beat LG with its flexible display phone launch. Sammy’s execs have officially confirmed they are announcing their device next week, while LG’s announcement may have been pushed to November, according to C-Net.

Today C-Net has expanded and updated yesterday’s report from their sister site’s ZDNet Korean branch. They now even have a sketch of LG’s new phone:

LG G Flex sketch

As you can see, it will indeed have a concave curved 6” display, and LG is mulling “G Flex” trade name for it. The earlier reported “Z” designation might actually be an internal code name for the whole project.

LG’s new G phone might have a “Flex” in its name, but it will not be flexible. Current state of other device components like batteries and circuit boards are not there yet.

Instead LG G Flex will be a more expressed version of what Google tried to do with Galaxy Nexus, when they touted its curved display in marketing materials. While the curve on the Nexus was practically imperceptible, on G Flex it will be “…dramatic enough to comfortably fit around your face but not so angular that it looks weird”.

Sounds pretty interesting, and this whole “concave shaped” stuff  now makes way more sense than it did yesterday. Looking forward to see how G Flex will look in real life.

Knowing  LG’s obsession with early pre-marketing hints and clues, expect first G Flex teasers start showing up on the Net in a week or two.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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