Samsung to buy processors from MediaTek

You know you’ve made it in the mobile chipset business when the biggest smartphone maker in the world starts buying from you. And for MediaTek, that moment seems to have finally come.

According to a short (and, as usual, unconfirmed) report from DigiTimes today, the Taiwanese chip maker will enter Samsung’s supply chain in the second half of 2014. MediaTek will be supplying Samsung with quad-core and octa-core processors.

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Despite being quad-core and octa-core, these are more focused on battery life than performance, so don’t expect to see a MediaTek CPU in a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note anytime soon. The deal, if it’s real, certainly focuses on low-end and lower-midrange smartphones (and possibly tablets). For those, Samsung’s been mainly using Broadcom supplied chipsets, but apparently it’s looking to diversify its supply chain (or MediaTek’s wares are simply cheaper).

So while MediaTek chipsets won’t win any awards for sheer performance, they excel at the famed price per features ratio. They should offer extremely decent performance tucked into incredibly cheap devices. Those should help Samsung mainly in Asia and emerging markets, where many up-and-coming mobile brands (some former so called ‘white-box’ Chinese vendors) are quickly making a name for themselves with affordable devices that are powered primarily by MediaTek’s offerings.

We expect one of the chips that should make their way into Samsung phones next year to be the MediaTek MT6592, the company’s first octa-core solution.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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