Motorola rumored to be working on Droid Quantum, 6.3″ Xplay phablet

The affordable DVX isn’t the only new device that Motorola is working on at the moment. According to some leaked tidbits originating at a tipster in China, the Google-owned company is going to introduce two other handsets at some point in the future (probably next year).

First up we have the Droid Quantum, which will be the successor to the Droid Ultra that Motorola and Verizon launched back in August. We’ve gotten used to seeing at least one new Droid-branded smartphone appear each year, so perhaps the Quantum will be 2014’s effort. Unfortunately as of now there are no details about this device other than its name, so stay tuned if you’re interested in finding out more.


Motorola is one of the last well known Android device makers that hasn’t jumped on the phablet train yet, but that’s about to change apparently. The Motorola Xplay should be the company’s first offering in this increasingly popular space, and it will come with a 6.3-inch screen. That’s bigger than most of its competitors such as the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung or the upcoming One Max from HTC, but it’s smaller than the Xperia Z Ultra from Sony.

6.3 inches is certainly pushing what the mainstream might conceive as a usable phone, but the same things were said about the 5.3-inch original Galaxy Note just two years ago – and look at where we are now, with 5″ handsets the norm.

Obviously this report could be nothing but wishful thinking, yet the source was reliable in the past. So maybe Motorola really is working on the Droid Quantum and Xplay. Neither of these seems implausible, after all.

Via Weibo Via G4Games

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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