Samsung Galaxy Round announced for South Korea with curved display which isn’t actually flexible

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! After many, many years of waiting and hearing about this earth-shattering world-changing innovation, it’s finally here in an actual product! The first smartphone to come with a flexible display is officially the Samsung Galaxy Round, that was announced today for the company’s home market of South Korea.

And obviously, it’s not actually flexible. That’s an ‘obviously’ for those who live in reality and not Sci-Fi flicks. For those who read more than just headlines about such amazing innovations in mobile technology. Those of you will have expected, then, that the screen itself is flexible, but it’s bent into place during the production process and it doesn’t actually flex after that.

If you’ve been reading “flexible display” while understanding something along the lines of “flexible smartphone”, you’re way off. A truly flexible smartphone needs every component to be more or less flexible, and that’s just a pipe dream at the moment. Sure, LG’s recently presented some progress on the battery front at least, but we’re a long way from bending our smartphones at will. And that’s not taking into account what possible new uses cases such devices would bring. Do remember that 3D in TVs (or phone displays!) once seemed revolutionary too, will you? Not every new ‘innovation’ ends up being worthy of that title once it’s actually on the market.

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The Samsung Galaxy Round is basically a Galaxy Note 3 with a curved screen, which makes it less wide and thus probably easier to hold (and, we assume, operate) with one hand. Other than that, there are no benefits to the screen used, and the fact that it’s ‘flexible’. Which is why Samsung is understandably only going to release the Round in South Korea. There are currently no plans for sales elsewhere, and you shouldn’t expect that to change since the company still has a limited production capacity for flexible screens.

The Samsung Galaxy Round will be available tomorrow in brown only, and more colors should follow at a later date. It will be priced at around $950-$1000, which is going to force it to stay niche for a long time (at least until Samsung’s going to sort its production levels).

It’s always nice to see phone makers experiment, and Samsung is doing just that here. Maybe in the future we’ll see screens that are curved differently than in the Galaxy Round, and those could make more sense. Time will tell.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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