Three HTC Amazon smartphones in the making?

Amazon’s long-rumored smartphone might be ready for a commercial launch sometime in 2014. Last we heard, Amazon was working on two smartphones, but now a new report has it that the company is planning to introduce three handsets.

According to Financial Times (registration required), Amazon is collaborating with none other than HTC to develop its first smartphones. One of the devices “is at an advanced stage of development”, but it will likely not be released this year. In any case, as previously rumored, the smartphone may come with a 3D eye-tracking UI, and it will almost certainly run a modified version of Android. Other features are not known for now. But this is supposed to be a high-end device anyway. The other two Amazon smartphones are probably going to be cheap.

Of course, Amazon and HTC have not confirmed any of this. However, HTC’s Ben Ho was quoted as saying: “We have been very focused on building our own brand, but we have also been very open to co-branding and collaborating with carriers and other technology brands.”

Amazon HTC smartphone

It’s not the first time when HTC would partner with a giant company that’s not quite in the smartphone business. The Taiwanese handset maker also helped Facebook to release the HTC First – this, however, was a handset that received little attention from customers.

Amazon has already proved that it can sell millions of tablets (with the Kindle Fire range). Can it be successful when it comes to smartphones, too? Let’s wait and see.

Author: Florin

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