LG G Flex shows its curved display in photos and video

While LG didn’t officially confirm that its first curved-screened smartphone would be called G Flex, we know that this should be released sometime in November. Until then, the handset (which runs Android Jelly Bean) has been showcased in Argentina on Telefe – a television network owned by Telefónica.

Like the LG G2, the G Flex has buttons on the rear case (near the 13MP camera), most likely including a fingerprint sensor. Its curved screen is a 6 inch Full HD AMOLED one.

LG G Flex A 5

LG G Flex A

LG G Flex A 4

The G Flex can be seen here compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 (which sports a 5 inch display):

LG G Flex A 2

LG G Flex A 3

Like Samsung did with its Galaxy Round, LG will launch its G Flex in South Korea first. There is no word on when the handset will be introduced in other markets. It might not happen at all. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see other curved smartphones that are going to be globally available in the near future.

Via The Verge, Federico Ini (Twitter)

Author: Florin

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