China Mobile launches official 4G teaser page with Nov. 9-11th launch dates. 2 Generic iPhones in tow

November launch of China Mobile’s 4G network, with iPhone 5S/5C in tow, has been rumored for a couple of months now. It seems that those rumors are true and TD-LTE network is going live in select cities in a couple of weeks.

Over the weekend China Mobile has launched an official  teaser page which promises 4G services “coming soon” – on November 9-11th. The page even shows a couple of generic iPhones, among the cool new offers that will open up on those days.

China Mobile 4G poster official

In the meantime, China Mobile retail outlets are preparing for the 4G launch and the new iPhones, too. Some of them going as far as putting up in-store iPhone posters already.

China mobile iPhone posters retail

We still haven’t heard anything about commercial 4G license grants from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and their officials continue to refuse to give anything more precise than “4G licenses will be issued this year” line. But China Mobile seems confident that they are getting one in the next few weeks, and are going ahead with the preparations for the big launch.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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