LG is nearing a deal with Apple to supply flexible OLED displays for iWatch 2014 launch

According to Korea Herald, LG is nearing the deal with Apple to supply flexible OLED displays for its long rumored iWatch.

During earnings conference call yesterday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook mentioned that they will soon be competing in a product categories they never competed before. Which all but confirms Apple is getting ready to release a new kind of device – a TV offering, iWatch, or both. Of which the smart watch/wearable device is most likely.

LG won’t be the sole or even the main provider of flexible displays for iWatch. According to earlier rumors, Apple has been working with Taiwan’s RiTDisplay since this spring, and has chosen them as the main supplier with LG Display acting as a second source.

Apple iWatch flexible OLED

Apple may have also talked to Samsung about sourcing iWatch displays from them. But the talks fell through, though which party was at fault is not clear. It might have been Samsung’s wish to keep its most advanced display technology in-house, to differentiate their own products. Or it might have been Apple’s reluctance to provide even more visibility into its product pipeline to a competitor that has perfected the rapid copying of successful products into an art form.

Apple  is currently experimenting with 1.4”, 1.5” and 1.6” flexible display iWatch prototypes, and should launch one of them sometime next year.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Alexander Trust

    I guess you have linked to the wrong Herald article? There’s no word in it of Apple and LG negotiating.

  • nexusX

    with the price of the iphone 5s , Apple has to innovate