iPad Mini with Retina Display will be released on November 21, Target says

Apple announced the iPad Mini with Retina Display last week alongside the full-size iPad Air. However, whereas for the 10-incher the company let slip the release date (November 1), the new high-res small tablet had its date up in the air. Thus many previous reports about Apple having issues in getting as many Retina Displays for the iPad Mini as it had hoped were sort of confirmed. This of course was before an official acknowledgement that there may be supply shortages for the new iPad Mini during the all-important holiday shopping season.

So if you want to pick up an iPad Mini with Retina Display, you should probably act fast (if you manage to find one in stock somewhere). But what about that release date? It turns out it might be November 21.

iPad Mini Retina release date

Apple hasn’t yet officially announced it, but Target proudly lists that as the launch date on its website over at the dedicated iPad Mini with Retina product pages. You can see November 21 clearly marked in the screenshot above, which is from Target’s listing for the 16 GB Wi-Fi-only model.

Unless Target made a mistake, then, mark November 21 in your calendar as the likely date when the high-res iPad Mini will hit the streets (in limited quantities, remember).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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