Sony sold 10 million Xperia smartphones in Q3 2013

Sony continues to report “strong smartphone sales” – doing so for the second quarter in a row. The company announced that it shipped 10 million Xperia handsets in the quarter ended September 30 (Q3 for us, or Q2 Fiscal Year 2013 in Japan).

This is the highest number of Sony smartphones ever shipped in a quarter, beating previous quarter shipments with 400,000 units. The Xperia Z1, introduced at the beginning of the year, remains the company’s most profitable handset.

10 million Xperias sold might be enough to put Sony in top 5 smartphone makers. But it depends on what Chinese companies (like ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei) will report for Q3. Nokia is certainly out of the top for now, as the Finnish company managed to sell only 8.8 million smartphones in the quarter.

Sony smartphone sales Q3 2013

Overall, Sony posted a net loss of 19.3 billion yen ($197 million) for the quarter, as its other divisions (including the ones responsible for TVs and PCs) have reported losses.

You can check out much more details about Sony’s latest quarterly results here.

Author: Florin

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  • beatles

    Sony beats Samsung on most product segments in terms of quality and build, people should stop believing samsung hype