25% of Samsung smartphones will come with 16 MP cameras next year

Even if ‘those in the know’ well, know that megapixels aren’t representative of picture quality (after all, they just describe a resolution), the arms race in this space is in full swing in the mobile world. For a long time, most high-end devices sported 8 MP cameras, but now 13 MP units are a lot more common. And next year will be the year of the 16 MP sensor, it seems.

One quarter of the smartphones Samsung expects to ship in 2014 will have a 16 MP rear camera. Obviously we’re talking about the high-end offerings – think Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, but other models too if the Korean company actually wants 25% of the total number of handsets it ships to have the 16 MP camera.


For a long time, Sony was the only manufacturer able to make 13 MP sensors, which is why until recently such cameras weren’t very widespread. But Samsung has for months joined in on that, and is now rivaling Sony for 13 MP sensors. Soon, other, smaller companies are expected to step up to the 13 MP plate, such as Powerlogics, Partron, and Camsys. These are likely to be used by Samsung itself as suppliers as its camera making division will shift some production capacity to 16 MP sensors.

Samsung wants to beat Apple in the megapixel race. And regardless of how pointless that seems, it will probably succeed. And people will still think that more necessarily means better in this area, so let’s just go with the flow.

Via ET News

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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