Moto G listed in the UK for a short while, priced at £159.99 and due to be released on November 14

In just a couple of days, Motorola will unveil its newest smartphone to the world – the Moto G. This should be rather similar to the Moto X in looks, yet it’s widely expected to be a lot more affordable. And it’s also said to get a much more global launch (which seems more or less confirmed since the announcement will be held in Brazil).

Amazon’s UK arm apparently jumped the gun earlier today and published a listing for the Moto G (also sometimes known by its codename DVX). The page was quickly taken down, but this is the Internet we’re talking about so obviously screenshots were grabbed before that happened.

Moto G Amazon UK listing

The Amazon listing brings us two extremely important bits of previously unknown information about the Moto G: how much it will actually cost and when we can expect it in stores.

Amazon had it priced at £159.99 sans contract, and the launch date was going to be November 14. So just one day after the device is first introduced to the world. That would be some real quick sales work right there by the now Google-owned Motorola.

As for the price, well, it once again confirms that this is going to be a midranger. And if it comes with some stand-out features like the X, and if it will in fact get released in many countries, then this has serious chances of becoming a real success in terms of sales for Motorola.

Via Pocket-lint

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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