Samsung’s first Tizen product is NX300M camera. Phones early next year, Tizen 3.0 in Q3 2014

Samsung’s Tizen may not amount to much in smartphones anytime soon. Google and Apple has that category sewn-up pretty tight. But that does not mean that Sammy can not find the place for its homegrown OS in other gadgets, like smart TVs, tablets and digital cameras. Android is making some inroads there, but its dominance in other categories is nowhere near to what it has in smartphones.

And that’s exactly what Samsung is doing now – adapting Tizen to its vast consumer electronics gadget universe. In fact, it has already announced the first Tizen based commercial product, only forgot to tell us about it earlier. This product  is-  Samsung NX300M camera, which launched this October, in Korea.

During Tizen developer summit, talking about the future of the platform, Samsung’s executive VP Jong-Deok Choi presented a slide showing that NX300M camera already runs on something called Tizen Camera Platform, using Tizen core technology. And listed its benefits – 2x faster booting speed compared to other Linux based camera competition, and enhanced capture performance – 20 megapixel resolution, 9 shots per second.

Samsung Tizen NX300M camera

As for Tizen on smartphones,  according to multiple sources, the launch of Samsung’s first devices with its own OS has been pushed to the first quarter of 2014. But these handsets have been delayed so many times, I will believe in them when I actually see the official announcement.

The first Tizen smartphones should run 2.2.1 version of the OS, but Samsung is also working on version 3.0 that should bring multi-user accounts, 64bit architecture for Intel and ARM chips, new 3D rendering engine and more interesting features to the platform. Tizen 3.0 should launch sometime in Q3 2014.

Via: Inews24, DDaily, TheHandheldBlog

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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    Next year could be interesting for the mobile market.
    I wonder what will be the first phone with Tizen OS.

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