Apple will launch 1.7” iWatch for men and 1.3” iWatch for women next year

Several weeks ago we’ve heard that Apple is experimenting with several iWatch display sizes. Now it seems that this may be more than experiment. Apple may have already decided to launch two wearable devices next year – 1.7” iWatch for men and 1.3” iWatch for women.

These news come from Display Search analyst David Hsieh, who has a pretty good track record in predicting upcoming Apple products. See, for example, his predictions about iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 3 refresh in August 2012.

Apple iWatch flexible OLED

Splitting the new device into two distinct, gender based offerings at launch, may be a pretty big departure from how Apple usually does things. But wearables is a completely new category which may require an original approach. And it certainly makes a lot of sense. Contrary to the electronic gadgets, there is usually a very distinct differences between traditional men’s and women’s watches. And one of the biggest differences is size.

If Apple decides to launch separate iWatch models for men and women, it will simply be following the lessons learned during the centuries of traditional watchmaking.

Via: Korea Herald

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • ChristenaPredmore

    good job apple for launching a iwatch for man and 1.3 iwatch for woman .