Samsung Galaxy J certified in Taiwan. Heading to rest of Asia and Europe next?

Earlier this fall Samsung launched Galaxy J smartphone in Japan. It’s a 5” handset very similar to Galaxy S4 inside, but with Galaxy Note 3 looks, RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU.

With Japan being a pretty unique market, we expected Samsung to keep Galaxy J there exclusively. But that may not be the case. With Galaxy S4 failing to meet Samsung’s own projections, Korean company is looking for ways to sell more high end handsets around the world. Worldwide roll-out of updated Galaxy S4, based on J, may be one such way.

According to Japanese Blog of Mobile, Samsung handset with model number SGH-N075T has been spotted on Taiwanese FCC site. This is the same model number as Galaxy J (SGH-N075), only with T tacked at the end. Which probably means that we are talking about Taiwanese version of J here, in preparation for release during Chinese New Year gift giving season.

Samsung Galaxy J

With Taiwanese version of Galaxy J on the way, could its  international roll-out be far away?

I don’t know. Samsung has already missed Western Holiday Shopping Season window for this phone, and they do have Qualcomm 800 version of Galaxy S4 shipping in Europe and Korea. Do they need another high end phone with slightly different design?

On the other hand, it is Samsung we are talking about here. Releasing  a bunch of slight variations of the same phone, under different names, is like second nature to them. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll see a version of Galaxy J popping-up in carrier stores around Europe and Asia, soon.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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