ZTE to launch smartwatches and Windows Phone handsets in 2014

It looks like most companies involved in the smartphone business will release a smartwatch eventually. Sony and Samsung are selling smartwatches as we speak. LG has tried its luck in 2009 with the GD910, and will do it again next year. Apple, Google, Microsoft and HTC are likely to introduce smartwatches in 2014, too.

Now, China’s ZTE has also announced that it plans to launch not one, but several smartwatches.

According to Financial Times, ZTE’s executive vice-president He Shiyou declared that “ZTE wearable smart watches will be launched as early as the first quarter.” Technical details haven’t been unveiled, but the devices will certainly run Android (most probably 4.4 KitKat).

He Shiyou also said that the company “wanted to make the jump out of the second tier of smartphone makers into the top three manufacturers” – and launching smartwatches may help. Moreover, the ZTE executive mentioned that they plan to work on new Windows Phone handsets after the Microsoft – Nokia acquisition is completed (in Q1 2014).

“Initially we were hesitant [but] after clarification from Microsoft about industry support we are willing to commit to Windows platform again”, said Mr. He.

ZTE’s first (and only) Windows Phone handsets are the ZTE Tania and ZTE Orbit, both launched in 2012 and running Windows Phone 7.5.

ZTE logo

Before announcing any smartwatch or new WP devices, ZTE should unveil the Android-powered Nubia Z5S smartphone tomorrow. The Z5S is a high-end successor to the Nubia Z5 introduced almost a year ago, and should feature a 5 inch Full HD display and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

Author: Florin

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