64-bit Exynos CPU for Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 4 confirmed by “senior ARM official”, 128-bit chip in 2 years

Korea Herald quotes senior ARM official today, confirming that British mobile chip designer and Samsung has discussed and agreed on a 64-bit chip, that will go into the new Samsung smartphone next year.

Knowing how Samsung releases its flagship devices, they could have been talking about only two possible handsets – Galaxy S5 in early spring, or, if the new Exynos CPU is not ready by then, Galaxy Note 4 in September.

Samsung Galaxy Tab X

According to Korea Herald, in addition to 64-bit CPUs for Samsung smartphones, companies also talked about Cortex-M processor which could be used in Samsung’s appliances and smart home systems.

And, if you think that 64-bit CPUs are cool, just wait until 2015. The ARM source said that 128-bit mobile chips might be developed in the next couple of years, as biometric applications such as face recognition drastically increase the need for computing power. Although I am pretty sure he was talking about ARM design roadmap, not the actual 128-bit chips manufactured by Samsung, here.

Source: Korea Herald

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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