MediaTek officially launches the MT6592 “true octa-core” chip

Today MediaTek has officially announced the MT6592 octa-core mobile chipset. This has been rumored for a few months now, with pictures leaking in September. It represents the Taiwanese company’s first venture into octa-core territory, and like for its quad-core solutions the MT6592 uses ARM Cortex-A7 cores. These have lower power requirements than the likes of Cortex-A15, but aren’t exactly the highest performing either.

Still, with eight of those at work, you’re bound to see an improvement compared to, say, MediaTek’s own MT6589T quad-core part. That will be helped by the clock speeds that the MT6592 can achieve – up to 2 GHz per core. Which is significantly more than the 1.5 GHz per core for the MT6589T.

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The new chipset supports up to 4K video playback, 1080p Full HD screens, and 16 MP cameras. There’s also some built in tech that automatically transforms 24 or 30 fps video into 60 fps delivering “significantly smoother playback”.

All the cores in the MT6592 scale up or down as needed. All can be active at once, or any number of them – any combination, really. This comes in contrast to other octa-core solutions out there, which work in clusters of four cores. This, for now, is the main thing that backs up the company’s claim that it has delivered a “true octa-core platform”. True, as opposed to false, one assumes.

The first smartphones to sport the MediaTek MT6592 are scheduled to launch running Android Jelly Bean before the end of the year. The first devices to run KitKat from day one and be powered by this processor will arrive in 2014. We’re expecting a lot of announcements from Chinese smartphone makers in the next few days, now that the chip is official.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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