Samsung Galaxy Note has swelling batteries too. No free exchange yet

Samsung has a battery problem, it’s becoming increasingly clear. Specifically, a swelling battery problem. More and more Samsung smartphones launched within the last two years or so are being reported as exhibiting such behavior. Well, their batteries are – literally growing larger than they should be.

The swelling battery issues struck the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Europe, but also the Galaxy S III in the company’s home country of South Korea. And now we can add a new device to the list. Also from Korea comes a report from none other than one of the biggest TV stations in the country, KBS1.

Samsung Galaxy Note swelling battery 1 Samsung Galaxy Note swelling battery 2 Samsung Galaxy Note swelling battery 3

Apparently quite a few owners of the original Samsung Galaxy Note from 2011 are reporting swollen batteries. These grow in size and take odd shapes, as you can see from the images above. Unfortunately for them, though, the owners of the Galaxy Notes exhibiting this problem have nothing to do, and nowhere to turn. That’s because battery warranty is only six months in South Korea, and these units are way past that, even if some were purchased at the beginning of this year and not earlier.

Samsung has started offering free replacement batteries to those affected by the swelling problems for the Galaxy S4 in Germany, but so far the company hasn’t done the same in the case of the Galaxy Note in South Korea. Perhaps it will change its stance in the near future, but for now – these people are pretty much on their own, needing to buy new batteries because in some cases the old ones literally don’t fit into their slots anymore. The persons affected have resorted to starting a petition to hopefully change the company’s mind.

Samsung on the other hand appears to claim that such occurrences are not due to the batteries being defective, but because they have reached the “end of useful life”. It’s all just part of the aging process, the company thinks. That sure sounds bogus, since otherwise we would have seen thousands of cases of swelling batteries in devices from other smartphone makers too over the past few years, but Samsung’s wares are the only ones exhibiting such issues for now.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Haleem Shoman

    I wish they solve this problem soon