LG’s Odin processor to have eight-core and quad-core versions

Rumors regarding the launch of an LG-made mobile processor called Odin have been around since the first half of this year. Initially, it was believed that Odin would power the LG G2. Of course, the G2 has been released since then and, as you probably already know, it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. But this doesn’t mean the LG Odin isn’t coming.

According to DigitalTimes (in Korean), LG has confirmed that its Odin processor has two versions: a quad-core one (running at up to 2.2GHz per core and including an ARM Mali-T604 GPU), and an eight-core one. The two SoCs are being tested as we speak, but it’s not clear when LG will announce them.

The eight-core version of the Odin may be paired with ARM’s latest Mali-T760 GPU (detailed here).

Since LG doesn’t have its own facility to make SoCs, Taiwan’s TMSC will manufacture them.

LG logo Odin

Reportedly, LG will use the quad-core Odin mainly for its smart TVs, while the eight-core units are reserved for smartphones and tablets (it is possible that the successors to the G2 and the G Pad tablet will rely on them). This being said, now let’s wait for LG to officially announce all (or some of) the details presented above.

Author: Florin

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