Huawei plans to ship 20 million smartphones in Q4, on track to sell 10 million Ascend P6

Huawei has been doing very well in smartphones this year.

A virtual unknown in 2011, in Q3 2013 it became #3 smartphone vendor in the world, with 13.4 million units shipped over the last 3 months. And in Q4 they want to do even better, shipping 20 million smartphones over the Holiday Season. That’s according to VP of Marketing of Huawei Devices, Shao Yang.

Now, Huawei VP didn’t exactly promise  20+ million units in Q4. But he said that 55 million Huawei smartphones in 2013 is easily within reach. If we add up their sales over the first 3 quarters of the year – 9.8M in Q1, 11.8 M in Q2 and 13.4M in Q3 (according to Shao Yang)  – it will give us 35 smartphones shipped so far. And leave 20 million to get to the promised 55.

If Huawei does get there, they will still be short of a 60 million smartphones a year goal they self-imposed at the beginning of 2013. But the momentum they are achieving is certainly impressive.

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Furthermore, Huawei says they are starting to break out of their home market, with the share of China sales declining 10% this year, thanks to rapid growth overseas. According to Shao Yang, between Q2 and Q3 Huawei Devices sales grew 150% in Latin America, 50% in Japan, 40% in Western Europe. 40% in Middle East and only 8% in China.

Even better – Huawei now sees a shift from ultra cheap to more profitable mid-tier handsets, mainly thanks to P6 and D2 line of smartphones, which now make 16% of overall shipments. According to Marketing VP, Ascend P6 sales were especially robust, and they are on track to achieve a 10 million units goal they set for the device at launch.

All around good news for this Chinese OEM. And if Huawei continues to execute as well as it did this year, it will be very hard for anyone to ever kick them out of that #3 spot in global smartphone OEM rankings.


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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